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Cost Segregation is a powerful tool for real estate owners to save money on taxes. It increases your cash flow by reducing your taxable income.

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Traditional cost segregation studies cost thousands of dollars and take months to complete. We’ve compiled data from hundreds of fully engineered cost segregation studies to produce a computer model that can accurately generate a data driven cost segregation study. Our data driven system means more savings for you and an unbelievably fast turnaround. After you share your property details, we will share your reports within three business days.

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How does Cost Segregation Work?

Identify and Reclassify

We help real estate owners identify faster-depreciating assets and reclassify them into their IRS - approved categories.

Minimize Taxes

Cost Segregation reduces your taxable income. You pay less tax and hold on to your money for your next investment.

Increase profitability

Cost segregation can help you maximize the value of your real estate investments and increase profitability

Wondering if your property is a fit?Our Data-Driven model works on a variety of asset classes.

Build Out

Ground Up

Retrofit Existing Building

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Does my cost segregation report come with audit protection?

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